Here are some examples of our recent projects from implementation to energy advisory services. Please contact us if you’d like more information on these or any other specific services. 


The vegetable aisle filled with various food items and fridges

Peak Load Reduction Upgrades

Large retailer, West Hartford, CT

By combining needed HVAC RTU renewal with lighting upgrades, we achieved a 3.7 year project payback period. Our deep engineering knowledge and field experience allowed us to evaluate existing conditions using a systems approach and prepare a fully vetted path to reduce connected load and energy use, as well as renew critical aged equipment.

Two industrial service engineers conduct a safety check of a control panel and boiler room at a power station

Peak Load Reduction Upgrades

Large retailer, Cranston, RI

Our deep systems and engineering field experience allowed us to independently evaluate existing conditions and prepare a fully vetted path to reduce connected load, energy use, and renew critical aged equipment. We were able to provide accurate kW load reduction calculations, packaged with executable equipment upgrade and replacement recommendations in a multi-phased project covering refrigeration, HVAC, and lighting systems. Our project execution resulted in multiple successful upgrades with significant aggregate reductions in connected load kW, energy use and maintenance expense with a combined ROI of under 3 years.

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Overhead Lighting Analysis and LED Upgrade

Large retailer, Charlestown, MA

e2s was engaged to evaluate all existing lighting at a pilot store location and create an LED upgrade path that satisfied several objectives. Specifically we engineered the lighting layout to align with current client product marketing design, achieve life safety requirements, and create energy and ongoing maintenance expense reductions. We executed the project with custom utility incentives and achieved a 3 year simple return on investment. Our process became a client national standard and paved the way for over 100 completed store projects.

Two industrial service engineers conduct a safety check of a control panel and boiler room at a power station

Refrigeration, HVAC and Lighting Control Upgrades

Large grocery chain, Dallas, TX

Our field due diligence, engineering and project teams were able to recognize value and untapped potential in the core MEP/R existing systems. We quantified the opportunity, designed and delivered upgraded controls and strategies to improve system operating efficiencies. We provided a fully turn-key installed project and commissioned the systems following the upgrades to ensure proper, efficient operation.

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Rooftop and Make-Up Air Equipment renewal

Large grocery chain, Florida

e2s was secured to fully develop an HVAC RTU end-of-life replacement project. We were able to deploy our commissioning and test & balance engineers to review and document existing conditions of all equipment, their respective airflow and performance. Our project managers and in-house engineers developed the scope of work and were able to shift significant heating and cooling capacity away from main RTU systems to discrete kitchen make up air systems saving both first capital cost and on-going operational expense. The project was fully turn-key implemented by e2s including final commissioning and test & balance to ensure long term performance and asset optimization.


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Total Building Systems Commissioning

Large grocery chain, Montgomery, AL

e2s was engaged to commission all mechanical, refrigeration, plumbing, BMS, and lighting systems for a new grocery store construction project. Our knowledge depth and team expertise successfully completed the project with swift contractor remedial actions on open items. We were also able to dive into the BMS control sequences and adjust programming to better match the client staff operational needs and use timing, creating 4% first year energy cost savings above the original design intent.

Two industrial service engineers conduct a safety check of a control panel and boiler room at a power station


Large grocery chain, Houston, TX

We reviewed the site and test equipment to provide scope of work and direction for upgrades at the store. Once all the managed upgrades had been completed, we conducted a retro-commissioning project that included all existing mechanical, refrigeration, plumbing, and electrical equipment.


Two industrial service engineers conduct a safety check of a control panel and boiler room at a power station

LEED Cx and Testing and Balancing for Combined Heat and Power

Flagship grocery store, Brooklyn, NY

e2s was a key contributor to a 56,000 sq ft flagship LEED Platinum new construction building. The project included natural gas fired dual effect absorption chillers producing all building cooling & heating water, dedicated on site power generation for resiliency and combined heat and power utilization, solar car park canopies and more. Our team was instrumental in advising feasibility during concept & design development, leveraging our previous CHP design experience with our in-house engineers. We provided forward confidence and oversight to all project stakeholders to facilitate successful construction and systems start up. Our team commissioned all systems and performed all air and hydronic test and balance to ensure correct and efficient system operations.

The vegetable aisle filled with various food items and fridges

Energy Advisory Services and Commissioning

National retailer, San Francisco, CA

e2s was engaged in Energy Advisory Services for a California grocery store deep energy retrofit project striving to push the envelope towards net zero energy for the building. The project was designed with 100% electric equipment to eliminate fossil fuel burn, and HVAC & Refrigeration systems were selected to share both high and low side heat transfers. e2s was critical in assessing the schematic design phase thermal heat balance, during which we identified strong gaps, and were able to collaboratively navigate core system redesign at the early concept stage, keeping the project on schedule and budget.  Our Energy Advisory Services involvement ensured core store system needs were met while achieving high levels of efficiency.

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Feasibility Study and Refrigeration System Upgrade

Large grocery chain, Newton, MA

e2s was engaged to review all existing refrigeration equipment condition to enable us to advise on the need, feasibility, and priority of upgrade measures. During our research we found the refrigeration racks were leaking and had required significant unplanned maintenance totaling over $28,000 per year. As a result of our survey and recommended solutions, we turn-key project managed the replacement of rack and control systems with lower energy, maintenance, and reduced global warming potential refrigerant.

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Strategic Advisory & Solutions Core Systems Renewal

Mid-size Dine In, New England 

A regional restaurant chain was faced with critical systems and equipment across their portfolio that were past their useful life and extremely inefficient. This meant a significant near term capital allocation to replace all equipment, which could place decision pressure to lean towards lower first cost/less efficient equipment. Our strategic partnership expertise with funding sources, detailed engineering & savings calculations, combined with open project planning provided the confidence for all parties to engage deeply and move forward with high efficiency equipment at all locations. We collaborated with all parties to create a $2M bundled HVAC/Lighting/Controls/Refrigeration project with a 5 year payback financed over 5 years generating cash neutral accounting for the client.

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