End to end proficiency and value

We don’t just provide data and plans, we back up our building optimization ideas with cost effective and practical services such as coordinating and executing installations, upgrades and replacements, as well as commissioning and recommissioning and testing and balancing. Our aim is to achieve optimal energy efficiency by implementing clean energy utilization, and sustainable energy in the built environment. 


We’ve developed technically comprehensive site survey, analysis and engineering, and installation coordination processes to deliver best in class, cost-effective, practical solutions for your building optimization needs. From capital planning of infrastructure renewal to turn-key energy upgrades, to ensuring your spaces are protected with appropriate ventilation and filtration, we’ve got you covered. Wherever your building is located, our team is on the ground to make sure our designs and recommendations are implemented accurately, thus ensuring quality installation completion and optimum asset performance from day one.
energy in the built environment
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Critical Infrastructure Renewal

High quality. On time. On budget.

We are trusted to implement the upgrading or replacement of critical infrastructure assets using a data-driven approach that matches systems selection accurately to operational need.

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Turn-Key Energy Upgrades

Yielding more for less

We specialize in improving and optimizing energy in the built environment to achieve maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness.

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Covid-19 HVAC Shield

Protecting your occupants

We minimize the threat posed to building occupants by airborne
infectious diseases like Covid-19 by ensuring proper ventilation and filtration are in place, thus reducing the risk of transmission through recirculated air

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Peak Load Reduction Upgrades

Large retailer, West Hartford

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Rooftop and Make-Up Air Equipment renewal

Large grocery chain, Florida

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Peak Load Reduction

Large retailer, Cranston

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Overhead Lighting Analysis
and LED Upgrade

Large retailer, Charlestown

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Refrigeration, HVAC and
Lighting Upgrades

Large grocery chain, Dallas

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& Balancing

Independent commissioning (Cx) and test and balance (TAB) provides the best MEPR/BMS quality control at project close-out, ensuring system performance and owner operational confidence. Our expert team is fully cross trained for both TAB and Cx, creating a powerfully informed workforce that delivers mission-driven results. We are located throughout the USA, including Hawaii, and can support your built environment portfolio. Our crew has developed its own comprehensive field tool specification, so every member of our team is ready for any task at any time. For new construction, renovations, building problem investigation/resolution, and equipment renewal TAB & Cx, you can trust us to deliver.

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Efficient. Responsive. Expert

Our e-commissioning service provides off-site, closed-loop equipment test procedures that are fully implementable at a distance with remote system connectivity.

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Dynamic Systems Testing

We are trusted to provide nationally certified, independent commissioning and functional testing services that ensure quality construction completion and maximum building optimization

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Air and Water Balancing

Accurate system set-up

We provide a coordinated, specialist in-house team with keen, real-world understanding of how large-scale commercial and industrial HVAC systems perform.

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Total Buildings Systems Commissioning

Large grocery chain, Montgomery

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Large grocery chain, Houston

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MEP/R & Energy Advisory

As pressure on energy in the built environment increases, there is a growing need for systems that deliver a high level of comfort for occupants and customers while minimizing energy consumption and the repair and maintenance burden. We can add value to the performance of your buildings before you even break ground, and on throughout the building lifecycle, through our design and advisory expertise.

Site evaluations, Green Building certification, resiliency and on-site alternative energy opportunities, capital planning and accurate system sizing are among the consultancy services provided by our team of highly qualified engineers and technicians.
Our experience and attention to detail give our clients the confidence to make
well-informed decisions, which can be rolled out across nationwide portfolios.

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Building Lifecycle Solutions

Efficient from day one

Holistic approach to MEP/R systems, from initial site evaluations through commissioning, operations and maintenance, to upgrades and renewals.

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Virtual Professional Network

Your expertise resource

Access our national network of in-house talent as an extension of your team, providing expert evaluation and problem solving services, tailored to your needs.

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